•  At first glance of his painting “Virgin Mary surrounded by mice” and fully understanding the depth of the spiritual venue of this particular adventure, N.G.Pentzikis reported in 1982 that “it surpassed Kondoglou’s agiographic work”.

  • G. Moralis, the great instructor, has also praised his work highly and Chronis Botsoglou, the Dean of the School of Fine Arts, has called him “El Greco’s spiritual kinsfolk

  • Chtisanthos Christou, the Academician, art historian and professor of History of Art has written Loudoviko’s  first monograph upon Loudovikos’s work. “On the one hand he is considered to revive the art in a ...

  • Master Kostas Loudovikos is a poet of art. He is a very cultured and sensitive poet.

  •  Personal vision. Is it a ticket to acceptance, fame and fortune? These intensely personal works show us a world that is hard to enter.

  • "Your work makes me think about the appeal of ‘Outsider’ Artists who very often have successful other careers"

  •  I appreciate the fact that these paintings dance between representation and abstraction.

     I admire where you are headed and congratulate you on  your unique vision.