Kostas Loudovikos was Kostas Loudovikosborn in Volos (Greece).

Visual artist and author, with studies and Master in Fine Arts from the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France.  

He is also graduated from the Law School of Athens University.

He was instructed in History of Art, by the professor, art historian and academician Chrisanthos Christou for two years.

Furthermore, he apprenticed to Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis and became acquainted with the group of scholars in Vouliagmeni, Koutroubis and Zoe Kareli. He also had a series of meetings with Andreas Focas and Jonh Tsarouhis.

His visual production is included in the Bank of Images ADAGP in Paris.

He is a member of the Registry of Artists in the centre of contemporary Art of DESTE institution in Athens and Ηonorary Μember Supporter of "ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE NEL MONDO ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE".

In 2017, 4 artworks which are part of his visual series “Grammatozoaria”, were printed on stamps in a collectible series of stamps in Germany.

Ηe receives

  • the Ιnternational Αward "Lorenzo il Magnifico" for his painting with mixed media, at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art, FLORENCE BIENNALE 2013
  • the 5th place in the   American Art Awards 2014, category  Abstract Expressionism
  • International Award Artprotagonist 2015 –Villa Contarini Padova Italia
  • the 4th place in the American Art Awards 2015, category Abstract
  • the 4th place in the American Art Awards 2015, category Impressionism- Human
  • MICHELANGELO International Prize, Artists at the Jubilee, 2015
  • LEONARDO DA VINCI 1st International Prize, 2016
  • Art Critic Award, 1st "Prince of Salinas - Gattopardo", 2016
  • Honorable Participation in the Catalogo Internazionale d’Arte 2016, Omaggio a Rembrandt, of ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE
  • Honorable Mention Award, Artist of the Year 2017, Circle Foundation for the Arts
  • International Award ΑRTE PALERMO 2018
  • International Award of ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE, PABLO PICASSO 2018

Collective Exhibitions

  • Grand Budapest Art Show 2016
  • Artprotagonist 2015Villa Contarini Padova Italia
  • SPHINX 2015
  • Rotterdam International Art Fair 2014
  • Gallery MARZIA FROZEN, KUNSTWEIßENSEE 2014, Berlin
  • International Biennial of Contemporary Art, FLORENCE  BIENNALE 2013 
  • Solo  Artist Exhibition in the  15th Beijing International Art Exposition, China, 2012
  • International Biennial of Contemporary Art, FLORENCE  BIENNALE 2011
  • International Biennial of Contemporary Art, EFFETTO BIENNALE, Merida 2012, Yucatan, Mexico.
  • Finalist in the 13th Annual  Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art
    Exhibition  Omaha, USA  April 2011
  • Finalist in the 13th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art
    Exhibition  Omaha, USA  February 2011
  • Finalist in Aestetica, London, International Juried
    Exhibition, February-March 2011
  • Finalist στο PROJEKT 30, International Juried
    Exhibition, New York, Jαnuary 2011
  • Finalist στο Art Scene Today, International Juried
    Exhibition, Los Angeles, May 2010
  • Balcan Exhibition, Giorgio de Chirico, Volos 2007
  • Benaki Museum, Athens 2007
  • Centre Culturel Hellenique, Paris 2006
  • Spirer Building, Volos 2005
  • Athens Cultural Municipal Centre 2003

Private Exhibitions

  • DIVANI CARAVEL, Athens, 2017
  • Réfectoire des Nonnes, Lyon, 2016
  • Deligeorgi Foundation, Volos 2009
  • Casa Bianca- Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki 2008
  • G.Aggelinis-Pia Hatzinikou-Cultural Institution, Horto, Pelion 2005
  • Goulandris-Horn Foundation, Athens 2001


  • On Iconographic Hierarchy, DOMOS, 2004
  • Dividing the belongings, MUNICIPAL GALLERY OF THESSALONIKI, 2008
  • Art Crossings Fraught with Enigma, ARMOS, 2009
  • Ovaries of Abyss, Editions Gavrielides, 2012
  • Ages of the Only One, Editions Gavrielides, 2015